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Property Rentals

With JustRentCyprus  you can preserve your freedom of choice and the quality of your lifestyle.

- Want to try living in Cyprus for a year to see what it’s really like? We can help.
- Want to rent a place to stay in Cyprus and avoid a heavy mortgage? We can help.
- Want to rent your place in Cyprus? We can help.

If you’re letting a second home and you don’t have much spare time, you’re better off using, who will take care of everything and save you the time and expense of advertising and finding clients.

Property Rentals

JustRentCyprus  is offering Cyprus property to rent services throught Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria.  If you would like to rent out your property, just call us, or send us an email. A JustRentcyprus representative will contact you to view the property, offer you our advice and advertise it free of charge.

Our fees are paid by the owner of the property and only when we find the right tenant, the lease agreement is signed by both parties and at least two months' rent is paid by the tenant to the owner.

The charge for rentals is one month's rent per year.  No legal fees are charged for the lease agreement; preparation of contracts is included in the service.

Currently you should expect to get a return on your capital of between 5% and 8% depending on the type of property and its location.
If you need a property to rent, contact us and we will do our best to help you the home you are looking for.